Honest Electronic Cigarette Reviews

If you are interested in trying electronic cigarettes but you are not sure which product is best for you, you should read electronic cigarette reviews first. You want to make sure that you choose a source that offers reliable and current information.

The staff updates these reviews on a regular basis, and you can find all of the information you need so you can learn more about e-cigarettes and how they operate. All of this information will help you determine the brand that will be the best choice for you.

The reviews that are offered are unbiased, and these reviews can help you with your electronic cigarette experience. You will receive an in-depth analysis on different brands, and this analysis will also contain the quality of the product, the price of the product and the level of customer service the company provides.

The following list of reviews are the best reviews you can find anywhere on the web. Keep reading to learn about the different products on the market, and get started on your journey.

V2 Cigs

v2This product has been rated the best electronic cigarette for several years in a row. It has also been rated as the best product in 2014 also. The vapor that is emitted from the V2 electronic cigarette as well as the throat hit from the liquid nicotine is very impressive. There is also an abundance of options including several flavors and even designer batteries.

The company has also been the industry leader for many years. Their innovative products and designs have helped set the industry standard. For example, the company’s EX cartridges last longer than previous models. These newer cartridges will even let the user see how much liquid is left in the cartridge.


Another one of the industry favorites is CloudCig. These electronic cigarettes do not have a throat hit that is as strong as other products. The throat hit produced by these electronic cigarettes is considered ‘smooth’. Although this may be considered a negative by some users, other smokers enjoy the smoother taste and feel and you can buy e cigs on the site very easily.


VaporZone is known for producing some of the most unique blends of liquid nicotine in the industry. The liquid nicotine or e-liquid is manufactured in the United States. The company offers several types of vaporizers for every budget and vaping experience.

This is just a small review of the different electronic cigarettes that are on the market. As people look for safer alternatives to smoking, e-cigarettes will continue to increase in popularity.